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Physicians we recommend in our local area

  • Michael Sinel MD
  • Michael Sinel MD is an Assistant Clinical Professor at the UCLA Department of Medicine and maintains a private practice in Santa Monica , California. After completion of residency at New York Hospital/Cornell University Medical Center in New York City, he received board certification in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Dr. Sinel also studied at NYU Medical Center under John Sarno MD becoming an expert in stress-related back pain and mind/body medicine. He also has obtained certifications as a yoga therapist and mindfulness-based stress reduction instructor and studied Somatic Experiencing under Peter Levine Phd.

    Having taught multiple workshops on Pain and the Mind-Body Connection at prestigious institutions including the Esalen Institute; he takes great pride in using alternative methods helping patients to overcome the pain and loss of mobility from spinal disorders and chronic pain syndromes. As an expert on spinal disorders , Dr. Michael Sinel has authored 2 widely read books: “Back Pain Remedies for Dummies” and “Win the Battle Against Back Pain.”

    You can learn more about Dr. Sinel’s contributions, accomplishments, charity work, and board memberships on his website at

  • Attune Health
  • This innovative team led by rheumatologists Dr. Swami Venuturupalli and Dr. Daniel Wallace are leaders integrative medicine for autoimmune and inflammation care.

  • Orthohealing Center