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"I have been a client of Lori Rubenstein Fazzio and Mosaic PT since 2011 when I had my hip replaced. Lori helped me strengthen and regain fuller mobility with my new hip. Since then, working as needed with Lori, things have only gotten better. Through her hands-on treatment, assigned exercises, and, especially, her own visualization technique, I can now get inside my body and moderate and improve much of what happens to it. Approaching 80, I’m in better shape than I have been in many years. Thank you Lori! Susan "
Oct 12, 2018
"As someone with a chronic spinal condition, I’ve been to many physical therapists over the years. It wasn’t until I began seeing Lori that I truly got results and learned what I could do to fix myself. She is a gifted therapist who seeks out the latest research, and customizes each therapy session and exercise. She cares about her patients and it shows. Mosaic Physical Therapy is the perfect integration of conventional clinical knowledge and emerging research in complementary concepts to achieve holistic healing. "
Sep 28, 2018
"Lori and Mosaic have completely changed my life. I struggled for years with a variety of physical challenges after a battle with cancer and a serious back injury. After trying multiple other physical therapists and specialists in town, (many who just made my problems significantly worse,) I thankfully was referred to Lori. I made more progress with her in the first couple of months than I had made in the past 3 years. She is a calming and inspiring presence, and has given me confidence in facing these challenges. She looks at the full picture of everything going on in your body and makes important connections other PT practitioners would not see. In addition to the excellent treatment she provides in sessions, she gave me many tools I can use myself at home, which have made all the difference. I cannot recommend her and Mosaic PT highly enough. "
Sep 28, 2018


"I have been referring a variety of patients and pain sufferers to Mosaic physical therapy for 20 years and remain convinced they are the best in Los Angeles!"

Michael Sinel MD
Asst. Clinical Professor
UCLA School of Medicine
Author : Back Pain Remedies for Dummies

"The physical therapy that Mosaic has to offer is truly rehabilitative and progressive. Patients experience relief on many levels because of the therapists' ability to address the details and underlying biomechanical dysfunction, while maintaining the big picture. Mosaic physical therapists have an excellent understanding of human anatomy, and appreciate how structural problems can lead to a cascade affect, resulting in pain in other regions. They communicate with me on a patient-to-patient case, and I am able to adjust and modify the physical therapy prescriptions accordingly. When my patients get better from Mosaic PT, it is usually for the long term since the underlying process has been addressed. I highly recommend this facility."

Danielle Aufiero, MD
Board Certified Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

"Mosaic is clean and inviting with a large amount of equipment. Most of all Lori Rubenstein Fazzio is a brilliant therapist. Her therapeutic treatments are very thorough and her exercises that she has left me with to practice and continue to improve upon are the best I've ever had. Front office is welcoming and efficient."

Barbara T.

"I thought that my prior physical therapist was excellent, but I didn't know the meaning of the word until I worked with Lori Rubenstein Fazzio. She has helped me with my shoulders and back more than I expected. Her hands are magic and her knowledge of just what exercises will work is perfect. I would recommend her to anyone for any part of the body."


"Lori Rubenstein Fazzio is the most talented physical therapist who has ever treated me. She has an amazing capacity to identify a problem and determine the optimal manner in which to remedy it. Lori also has many skilled people working with her, so that pateints can benefit from a comprehensive treatment plan encompassing pilates, therapeutic exercises, massage, gyrotonics, and various types of physical therapy. Mosaic Physical Therapy has helped me tremendously, and I am indebted to Lori and her staff for their thoughtful care and dedication."


"Thanks to Lori Rubenstein Fazzio and her group at Mosaic Physical Therapy, I no longer have to use age as an excuse for limited motion and pain. They rehabilitated me, educated me and trained me in the concept of wellness, fitness, health and exercise. They did far more than rehabilitate my back."


"The most important thing when picking a physical therapy office is how long are you with an actual physical therapist. Mosaic is the ONLY place where it's one on one with a physical therapist EVERY time. Most of us end up in physical therapy because of moving wrong and in these other therapy offices around town you will continue to move wrong when there is one aide watching 4 or 5 people. I learned this the hard way - years at other pt offices, chiropractors, trainers, etc.... Finally a body worker said I needed Mosaic. Most physical therapists don't want chronic cases; they want the athlete who will be gone in 6 weeks, Mosaic welcome hard to treat people. Love Lori and Cynthia and Jen is the gyrotonic master!"

Ci C.

"I was fortunate to be referred to this physical therapy facility by my orthopedic surgeon. I cannot say enough about the caring staff and wonderful services they offer. Janice handled my injury with gentle loving care and introduced me to a whole new way of moving and stretching which is now incorporated into every day life to prevent future injury. The full hour-long treatments offer experienced, skilled therapy and the personal attention are unparalleled. There is no better physical therapy environment in Los Angeles."

Jan B.

"I refer so many people to this wellness space. It's not just physical therapy. The staff taps into different systems such as Yoga Therapy, Pilates, Gyrotonic, and Feldenkrais to find the best way for people to not only recover from their injuries but also improve their movement and fitness potential. There is also massage here. The individual attention is unparalleled--I have seen physical therapy elsewhere that groups people together, which doesn't do justice. Lori mentors her staff and the office staff is so helpful. Many rehab people stay on for private Pilates, Gyrotonic, or Yoga training sessions. I've seen athletes get their game more competitive and elderly people walk more easily."

Jen C.

"I have been to several physical therapy practices over the past 8 years for a progressive nerve disorder I have that has also required surgery! I cannot say enough about Mosaic! They have all treated me as they would a family or best friend. They got to know me through the 'thick and thin' of it including when I had a freak accident in the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport and my patella went out (also required surgery eventually as I trashed it badly). They have a very positive upbeat attitude, which greatly helps when you feel down and out in pain or worried about upcoming surgery.

My sister has also been treated at Mosaic and they found something that we didn't know existed. They sent us back to the doctor right away and she had to go in for major lumbar spine surgery!

Each patient gets a personalized treatment plan and works 1-1 with the physical therapist for 50-60 minutes (Yes! There are no PT aides!). Lori Rubenstein Fazzio has the most advanced and up-to-date equipment available for the most modern and progressive PT programs: Pilates, Gyrotronics and traditional machines. They motivate you to strengthen and continue to do well as a whole and individually.

Hats off to the wonderful office staff. They go out of their way to get to know and accommodate you in anyway possible!"

Jeb B.

"I cannot rave enough about the care I received from Lori Rubenstein Fazzio and the staff at Mosaic Physical Therapy. I was in tremendous physical pain from a childhood shoulder injury--headaches, back pain, neck pain, etc. Lori was amazing! Not only did she give me exercises that have helped me manage the pain for over 2 years but she also manipulated and stretched the joint to give me greater range of motion. Lori gives each patient 100%, something you just don't find in your average PT! My husband and I have referred over 25 people to her and to some of the other excellent practitioners in her office. The caveat is that, thanks to Lori, I have been able to avoid the shoulder replacement my doctor recommended!!!"

Lisa S.

"My neurologist referred me to Lori Rubenstein Fazzio and I am so thankful to have met her. Lori took the time to listen to what I was dealing with and involved me in the process of my healing and getting better. I had never been to a physical therapist before, but it was quite different from going to a chiropractor or acupuncturist. Both of them were helpful but the results were temporary and the treatments very passive in nature. They didn't give me any tools to help myself stay aligned or free from pain.

I only needed to see Lori a couple of times and I am on my way. She also is secure enough to refer me to someone closer to my home that shares her training. After 3 years of dealing with chronic pain, I am not only getting better, but now I have the tools to help myself if I overdue. Thanks so much for your time, energy and expertise!"

Sue B.

"The therapists at Mosaic Physical Therapy approached my complex medical issues with a solid foundation in medicine, body mechanics and a commitment to tailoring treatments to my unique needs. They've given me the necessary skills, knowledge and tips for staying healthy. I appreciate their wonderful positive attitude and their willingness to answer all of my questions."

Amanda Beatty

"I have had numerous physical therapy sessions at Mosaic Physical Therapy during the past two years for different problems, and the two therapists who treated me were excellent diagnosticians (in one case more accurate than the doctor!) and highly skilled in their treatments. This resulted in greatly reduced pain in one instance and the elimination of pain in the other."

Renee W.

"My life significantly changed when a motorist ran through a red light and 't-boned' my car on the driver's side of the car and shattered my pelvis in 18 places. Faced on the opposite side of the operating room table, my pelvis was repaired with titanium. However, that was only the beginning of the healing process. It was through over 2 years of intensive physical therapy that allowed my soft tissues and nerves to regain a large portion of their abilities. Left with chronic back pain and neuralgia in my left upper leg, it was only through Lori Rubenstein and Mosaic Physical Therapy's combined knowledge of physical therapy and Pilates that allowed me to make it through the day without constant pain.

Earlier this year, I tore the medial meniscus of my left knee. Arthroscopic surgery repaired the knee, but not the soft tissue damage. Once again, only through the combined approach of Pilates and physical therapy and deep understanding of both by Lori Rubenstein and Mosaic Physical Therapy, did I feel confident that I would soon return to normal. Repairing the broken pelvis or the torn meniscus is only the beginning. The real healing begins with physical therapy at Mosaic Physical Therapy."

Robert M. Friedland, MD

"Lori Rubenstein is the most talented physical therapist who has ever treated me. She has an amazing capacity to identify a problem and determine the optimal manner in which to remedy it. Lori also has many skilled people working with her, so that patients can benefit from a comprehensive treatment plan encompassing Pilates, therapeutic exercises, massage, Gyrotonic and various types of physical therapy. Mosaic Physical Therapy has helped me tremendously, and I am indebted to Lori and her staff for their thoughtful care and dedication."

E.K., Attorney

"I have been going to physical therapy for a chronic condition that's primarily treated with physical therapy and sometimes also requires surgery. Since 2000, I've had some decent physical therapists but when I came to Mosaic, I was immediately impressed in that: I was with my therapist for an entire hour vs. being passed on to a physical therapy aide after 20 or 30 minutes. This alone is above the norm and shows what a thorough, professional, upscale physical therapy office this is.

The therapists I've worked with, Danica Benavente, MPT as well as Lori Rubenstein, PT, MAppSc, FAAOMPT, CYT are the best! They both get 5 STARS (and I'm a very picky, straight forward previous health care professional)! The time they have taken with me is phenomenal. I recently had to go in for some surgery and they both called to check on me. They are very intone with the clients' issues, symptoms, problems and complaints which have brought them in for treatment. They offer various forms of therapy with the basic traditional modalities of the bike, treadmill, weights, to some very impressive Pilates which has been excellent for those who have chronic, acute, serious injuries and or conditions. I see thy just brought in some Gyrotonic equipment which I hope to learn more about...

Something that means a great deal to me, is how sensitive they are to their clients' needs and provide an upbeat/positive environment especially when you are feeling 'down and out' from pain and etc. They provide a great deal of motivation which is a huge factor in regards to succeeding with physical therapy. Thanks Danica and Lori."

John B.

"I want to thank Mosaic Physical Therapy for doing an excellent job; they helped me to feel better. I got hurt at work and couldn't walk, sit, sleep...I couldn't do anything. I got very depressed and thought that I was going to feel like this for life. I'm still in physical therapy and enjoy it because I see and feel a lot of improvement. My life I starting again. Thanks to all the professionals at Mosaic Physical Therapy that helped me every step of the way. Thank you Lori, Jill, Melissa and everybody else thank you! I'm so grateful that they were there for me, when I really needed them and I know I'm in good hands. I'm going to miss them when I finish. But, without them I don't know what I would be doing now. Thank you Mosaic Physical Therapy! Thank you Lori! Thank you Jill!"

Eduardo G.

"Lori Rubenstein is the most effective, educated and caring, physical therapist that I know of in the Los Angeles area. It is a good feeling to have such a comprehensive office to refer my clients."

Benjamin Shield, Ph.D.

"About 2 years ago I fell, injuring the rotator cuff in my left arm. My masseur recommended that I visit Mosaic Physical Therapy because of his experience and others who have used their services. How right he was! At our first meeting Lori discussed my problem and set forth a program of exercises. Shortly thereafter, Maria handled my case. Gradually, my condition improved to where I was able to continue to play golf and use my left arm more effectively. Lori and Maria are very caring, conscientious and knowledgeable in the physical therapy area and I heartly recommend their services to others in need!"

Burt E.

"Mosaic Physical Therapy is terrific! The therapists take their time with patients to provide excellent care, from simple to complex problems."

John Itamura, MD
USC Orthopedic Surgery Associates
Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery and Sportsmedicine