About Us

A licensed physical therapist for more than 33 years, Dr. Lori holds multiple certifications and is continually teaching and attending advanced trainings in order to help prescribe you the best individualized program for your health and wellness goals.

Dr. Lori takes the time to know you so that together you can identify the underlying factors that may be contributing to your symptoms. She will then teach you tools and skills to keep your body active and fit. She not only treats your injuries she will also help you to prevent others.

Lori believes in the importance of continuing education and has received multiple academic degrees and certifications. She received her Bachelor of Science from Boston University in 1987, completing her final residency at the world-renowned Rancho Los Amigos Hospital in Southern California. In 1997 she relocated to Adelaide Australia to complete an Advanced Master of Science in Physiotherapy where she studied under masters including Geoffrey Maitland and David Butler. She has also mentored and taught with New Zealand's famous manual therapist, Brian Mulligan. In 2008 she received her Doctorate in Physiotherapy from Massachusetts General Institute of Health Professions. She holds multiple certifications in Yoga, Yoga Therapy (C-IAYT), Pilates, Meditation and is a Certified Brain Longevity Specialist. Interested in somatic psychology she is a Level II somatic experiencing practitioner and a Level II iRest Meditation teacher.